Tri, Tri Again

Title 9Until I competed in a triathlon last year, doing so had been on my Bucket List for at least eight years. The notion got into my head when I befriended some very likable, totally approachable and completely unassuming triathletes while living in the DC-area.

I was at a cocktail party when I got talking to one of these friends—who had worked her way up the ranks into the Iron-Woman category—about what it took to train for something like a triathlon. I commented on how impressed I was and how I felt that I could never achieve those sort of distances in any single event, let alone all three (swimming, biking, running) together.

This is when my friend told me about a beautiful, far more manageable version of an ITU Long triathlon called the Sprint. More


Tri, If I Can

I just wrapped up a master’s swim class at my local YMCA. I signed up for it because, when I get in the water, I’m euphoric. I feel energized, at peace and almost at home. I’m not claiming to be aquatic but if you know anything about the 7 chakra centers of the body, mine is definitely associated with water.

I signed up for this class somewhat on a whim, partly because a new friend I made, who happens to be into triathlons (along with her very fit husband and their two young, future triathletic boys) encouraged me to sign up too. That should have been my first clue to run fast in the opposite direction but the truth is, secretly (OK, well not now that I’m blogging about it), I’ve wanted to do a sprint triathlon since 2005. More

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