Butterscotch: the 21st century pet

For Christmas, my four-year-old asked Santa to bring her two white mice and a purple cage. Santa, being the omniscient and clever old elf he is, brought just the purple cage.

(He also thoughtfully left a note explaining that he was pretty sure mom and dad weren’t as keen on the mice as our daughter but had fulfilled the purple cage wish in hopes that we could all decide upon the perfect inhabitant together). Nice work, Santa.


The purple cage is super cool. I’m pretty sure if the Jetsons had owned a hamster instead of Astro, this is what his cage would have looked like.:

(Note that this is the Extreme Challenge edition–clearly targeting 21st Century parents aiming to cultivate Mensa-level rodents for their above-average offspring.)

Here’s the 360°, external hamster wheel (of which our non-Mensa quality rodent only goes 90º back and forth in hopes of accessing nearby wall, thus ensuring escape from tormenting captors).Here’s the snazzy, spiral access ramp to the wheel:

Next stop, pet shop!

We made sure the parameters were clear in advance, she had two choices: 1. a large hamster, 2. a small hamster. NO mice, NO  gerbils, NO guinea pigs.

Here she is checking out the large hamster (note look of complete indifference on child’s face)






Clearly option 1. wasn’t cutting it. On to option 2: the Robo.












Since acquiring Butterscotch, we have taken him out for handling and observation on a regular basis. He also has been exercising diligently on his external hamster wheel.

Since beginning this blog entry, I have learned that Robos are not only the smallest but also the fastest breed of hamster.

Now taking bets on how long before Butterscotch’s cage renders him bright enough to find his freedom…

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