Parenthetically speaking (NYC in a semi-photo montage)

If you’ve been loyal enough to stick with me this far, Thanks!

As promised, here are 20 highlights from the past weekend:

  1. no kids (my in-laws–who aren’t typically available to take them–took them).
  2. saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree going up
  3. had a room with a view (an incredible, Central Park view from a really nice four-star hotel)

    Central Park from the air

    Central Park from our room

  4. went paddling in the Park (totally unplanned and fabulously funny; there are actually A LOT of people who don’t know how to row a boat. We passed four rowing backwards [this is not one of them])
  5. conjugated “to drink” at the Loeb Boathouse outdoor bar (in hind site, it’s entirely possible this is what the above four had done BEFORE renting their boats)
  6. toured the Frick Collection (not the smartest move on a beautiful, late-fall afternoon while buzzed)
  7. met friends at a bar downtown (all of whom were a total surprise and carefully coordinated in advance)
  8. had dinner with family and friends at a nearby restaurant (ditto the above)
  9. slept in
  10. got a private tour of a good friend’s brand new Micro-Brewery: New Jersey Beer Co. over in North Bergen, NJ

    Founder & President, NJ Beer Co.

  11. had an off-the-chart dinner at a funky, swanky little joint (chosen because I clearly qualify for the 21 Club)
  12. caught a Broadway show (so I could wax nostalgic about my college days)
  13. hung out in Times Square (OK, so maybe M&M World doesn’t top your must-do list; for our excuse, see #1)

  14. slept in
  15. read the ENTIRE Sunday paper (not the WSJ but still, one of the few left to choose from these days)
  16. had an awesome brunch (personally, eggs bene and a good cup o’ joe would render ANY birthday blog-worthy in my book)
  17. rode the Central Park Carousel (actually ON a horse, not standing next to one)
  18. went to the MoMA
  19. spent 50, uninterrupted hours with my favorite person
  20. got reminded of why he became my favorite person in the first place

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