Three Hundred Sixty-Five

A year ago today I launched a blog. This blog. It came around after many months contemplating the blogosphere, weeks of agonizing over what I should write about and finally voicing the dream to some dear pals during a girls weekend. Their response: go do it!

I’m a writer and like any craft or skill, it takes practice to improve.

Since I freelance, I get a fair amount of practice but the professional writing I do is mainly journalistic. I have regular projects, where I get to research, interview and write about fascinating people, places and things but what I write for clients involves gathering a lot of other people’s ideas and opinions, not More

And So, Summer Begins

Well it’s official, summer’s here. Tuesday was this fabulous, warm, low humidity great start and we spent nearly the whole day at the local pond beach interrupted only for a brief period (during the height of severe sun-exposure) for a mid-day nap.

Having a five-year old with boundless energy and a two-year old that still naps in his bed everyday can be tricky. But this year I was going for balance and I think I may have struck it: that perfect balance between scheduled activities, breaks for mom and completely unplanned time, free to go off on whims and follies to our hearts’ desires

(gracious, it’s only taken five years to get it right)! More

Continuing the Barefoot Journey






These are the first two Barefoot books I bought. One is a book with beautiful watercolor illustrations depicting a group of Masai children wandering through the Serengeti counting animals in English and Swahili. The other, is a magnificently illustrated book depicting a journey over the Silk Road from Xi’an to Kashgar. I gave these to our daughter when she turned two. A year later, shortly after my second child was born, I decided I not only needed more Barefoot books in our lives but I also needed to introduce more people to them, so I signed on as a Barefoot Ambassador.

The world of multi-level marketing is interesting and layered. It seems primarily populated by mom’s sequencing in or out of the work force or trying to supplement their household incomes. Big MLM companies include: Amway, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay and Avon. Smaller ones include Barefoot Books, Stella & Dot and Arbonne International. Starting out is very much like launching your own micro-business except the products are already established and there’s no overhead. Essentially, you get out of it what you put into it. Some people are wildly successful, highly motivated, and tirelessly active, others start out like a comet only to extinguish like a meteor a few months in.

For me, my kids’ library now is heavily weighted with Barefoot titles. I’ve organized school fund-raisers, hosted home book parties, had tables at holiday fairs and have made a commitment that nearly every children’s gift we’ve given in the past 3 years either has been a Barefoot book or a Barefoot product. Why am I telling you about all of this? Because I truly believe in Barefoot. The books are beautiful, the topics interesting and diverse and it’s something I can be involved in that I feel benefits my family in every way; whether I sell the books, purchase them for personal use or give them to others. I firmly believe that if we all broaden childrens’ horizons just a tiny bit more, we’ll help make the cultural gap even smaller.

So, if you don’t know Barefoot Books, I personally invite you to join me on the journey. As an added incentive, I’ll give you 15% off your first purchase (good until the end of 2010). Just enter this code: SCSHFT in the special offer box at check out. Or, if you’re already a Barefoot customer, share the code with as many family and friends as you’d like.

What are you waiting for? Kick of your shoes and go Barefoot!

A thousand blogs of light

And this tiny star is mine. This is a blog about the evolving identities of life: childhood, young adult, wife, mother. At least these are the major transitions I’ve made so far. The jump from being a child under someone else’s roof to striking out on my own was a pretty straight forward one (though admittedly, even those lines were blurred [more on this later]) . Other transitions were much more subtle, like the time in my late-twenties, when I suddenly realized I was no longer as much of a low maintenance, backpack traveler as I used to be and found myself needing wheely luggage on all future trips. Or when I spent the first half of my career doing one thing, jerked to a halt when I became a parent, and then realize I was actually better at doing something entirely different all along. And that’s where this blog finds me, on the precipice of one identity, morphing into another; transitioning from stay-at-home–mom focusing primarily on kids to a work-at-home-mom writing about my kids and the crazy things raising them makes me do. They are my inspiration and this is a story about finding my voice again after the crazy stage of early-parenthood.

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