Tri, Tri Again

Title 9Until I competed in a triathlon last year, doing so had been on my Bucket List for at least eight years. The notion got into my head when I befriended some very likable, totally approachable and completely unassuming triathletes while living in the DC-area.

I was at a cocktail party when I got talking to one of these friends—who had worked her way up the ranks into the Iron-Woman category—about what it took to train for something like a triathlon. I commented on how impressed I was and how I felt that I could never achieve those sort of distances in any single event, let alone all three (swimming, biking, running) together.

This is when my friend told me about a beautiful, far more manageable version of an ITU Long triathlon called the Sprint. More


SOCIAL GOOD: Inside the Shot@Life Campaign, Part 3

And here’s Nicole Melancon’s article, part 3 of 3 from the World Moms Blog Social Good column, about the Shot@Life campaign and the January summit in Washington, DC.

SOCIAL GOOD: Inside the Shot@Life Campaign, Part 3.

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