Being a World Mom

I started blogging 15 months ago as a means to hone my writing skills, find my voice and to process life’s small moments…you know, pretty much for all the same reasons most people start blogging. We’re all a work in process.

Shortly after I started, a fellow blogger, by the name of Jennifer Burden, reached out to me about a new blog she had just begun, World Moms Blog.

In her own words, the blog is about this:

As busy mothers we often find ourselves without the time to  jet-set around the planet.  So, we invite you to come travel the world with us, through our global writers.  We will read about how women across the planet are mothering, how their lives are similar or different from ours, what’s on their minds and expand our horizons into corners of daily life around the world.

Her mission immediately resonated with me. I started following the blog and soon became a contributor. Within weeks of signing on as a writer, I More


Do You Speaka My Language?

I’m married to a really great guy. No, I mean it, he’s a  r-e-a-l-l-y   g-r-e-a-t   g-u-y. He’s an involved father, a loving husband, and a thoughtful son. He’s tall, athletic and easy on the eyes. He has strong ethics, a deep-set of values and is one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever met. But we don’t always see eye to eye.

Take our ways of expressing love, for example. As I’ve recently leaned—thanks to the good doctor, Gary Chapman, and his exceedingly popular book—I express love through giving things to people (and spending time with them) while DH expresses his love through doing things for others and by giving praise.

Chapman suggests that most of us speak one (maybe two) of five Love Languages: Acts of More

Battling the Tiger

I can’t keep current with media, I don’t watch much TV and I rarely find time to read these days but when Amy Chua’s book came out a few months ago, I wished things were different.

Instead, my loving (Chinese) husband forwarded me articles and retroactively I went on-line to watch YouTube clips of Amy Chua interviews. Then, finally, two weeks ago, I broke down and purchased her book (since I was 17th in line for it at our local library). More

One too many

Tonight, for nearly the 7th straight night this month, I pushed my kids over the edge. OK, so not both kids, just my preschooler, who is a creature of routine, structure and rules. In fact, I often think she might thrive better in a Communist regime (did I mention she’s half Chinese?). From the moment she was born, we have been on the go. When she was two months old, we moved from Washington, DC back to Boston and spent the summer on the road visiting friends and family around the North East. By the time we arrived at our destination, she was five months old and had slept in no fewer than nine places. Which probably explains why she now lives for predictable schedules and routine.

When school started up again in mid-September, I thought it was the best thing that could happen to her. What I failed to realize was how much the excitement and variety each day brought with it would take a toll on her young psyche. Limiting each day to just school and one other activity would be a stroke of sheer genius for me but it appears I’m a bit short on the genius gene these days. So it’s no wonder that today–like multiple others in its wake–I loaded one too many events on her. On  top of a morning at her nature preschool, I also scheduled a playdate with her best buddy followed by free swim at the Y, dinner at a local fast food joint and a trip to the fabric store. Needless to say, by the end of it, I was left with an overtired, dysfunctional four year old who couldn’t even pull it together long enough to brush her teeth. Thank goodness I get another fresh start tomorrow. Now about those circus tickets I’ve been meaning to buy…

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