Happy Birthday from All Your Friends at Facebook

My birthday is on Sunday.

In the past—as in pick-a-year BC [before children]—I would have started celebrating five days ago, a whole birthweek leading up to that special day. Carte blanche to dine out, grab drinks with friends, pamper myself, get a pedicure, maybe even take a day off from work. Instead, this year I’ve been working overtime.

DH has been pulling crazy hours at the office, sometimes rolling in at 1 or 2am, then gone again right after breakfast. I’ve been dining in, drinking cough medicine alone, pampering my offspring and keeping my feet in slippers. Writing deadlines have eaten up all of my kid-free time and instead of getting a pedicure, I got pneumonia instead.

It’s a far cry from birthdays past and certainly nothing like last year, when at least I had a surprise birthday escape to look forward to. This year, I’ll be lucky if I have my husband to look forward to, I’ve seen so little of him lately.

Gone too are the days when a trip to my mailbox yielded a bounty of birthday cards rather than just coupon flyers and junk mail.

I’m afraid this year, my greatest birthday joy might just come in the form of on-line well wishes from all my Facebook “friends.”

What have birthdays come to?

These days, I go farther out-of-the-way planning parties for my kids than anything I muster up for DH or me. I guess it’s logical, after all, who would derive as much joy from an inflatable moonbounce in the living room and a space-themed party—complete with rocket pops—than our three-year-old? And a creepy balloon guy and some facepaint wouldn’t send me over-the-moon like my five-year-old.

(Though, admittedly, I did drag friends 13 miles out of their way to celebrate my 28th birthday at the only Chuck E. Cheese’s in Greater Boston; from which, ironically, we now live just a few blocks away…)

Yes, sadly, though the good folks over at Facebook kindly remind us all well in advance of upcoming friends’ birthdays, it has done little to increase the number of birthday cards we all send. In fact, about the only thing I manage to deposit in a mailbox these days are films to Netflix.

So, come Sunday, I won’t bother sorting through this week’s mail, hoping to find any card-sized envelopes addressed to me, instead, I’ll be logging on to my virtual mailbox and feeling the cyberlove from all my good friends at Facebook.

At least I still have 40 to look forward to…

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  1. elizabeth
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:06:23

    Hey, as one of your “friends” who is also a friend w/out “” (I hope!) I got terrible at birthday cards when my kids were born; not just when Fbook was born. I blame them, mostly. Break open the good cough syrup this Sunday and let’s plan something great for the big one….


    • growingmuses
      Nov 11, 2011 @ 10:46:41

      yeah, ditto. Facebook has kinda been a savior in that regard…sometimes I even forget a friends birthday DESPITE being reminded at the beginning of the week, only to jump aboard with my own well wishes at the 11th hour (and seeing another friend’s birthday wishes first)…BAH!


  2. sheila camerini
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 23:58:13

    Happy Birthday Kyla!!!Love and JOY always!(Sorry to congrat you so early but for some reason I couldn’t find you on my facebook anymore…). Best wishes! Sheila


  3. Wendy Lawrence
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 15:27:20

    I am SO in favor of the week-long birthday. But yes, that doesn’t exist in my life as much anymore anyway. Instead, I spend weeks planning the kids’ parties! 🙂


  4. Rachel
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 22:50:38

    Sounds like kind of a miserable birthday. I still feel like our birthdays are worth a good celebration, complete with cake and gifts (from close family anyway), a good meal and some wine – even in this, our invisible phase of life. I actually did get the meal and wine at my parents’ house this year, but even though my DH acknowledged that the day was approaching, I didn’t receive a gift, let alone a card!!! He did buy a cake to take to my parents’, at my request, though we ate the surprise homemade one my mom made instead, which was a first (she’s not a baker…but a great cook). My sweet Olivia actually did want to get me a gift that she tried to organize with her daddy, but DH dropped the ball on that one too. I thought it was so sweet I went out and bought it (a replacement lamp for the one she broke during a gargantuan tantrum) and made dad help her “give” it to me, two weeks late. Sigh… Looking back now, I can actually laugh a little at the huge failure my birthday was this year. Anyway, I hear you Sister! I love you, Kai, and now I’m glad I got your card in the mail early so you got it just after you wrote this blog!!!


  5. growingmuses
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 14:47:17

    Wow, suddenly my presentless birthday doesn’t seem so bad after all…I’m sorry yours was a downer, especially with a new baby in the house; if EVER someone should be pampered on a birthday, it’s a mommy with an infant.

    Since next year is my big 4-0, I’m planning on making sure it’s celebrated just the way I need, with people and at least a few gifts…and let it be known, if anyone from Montana showed up at the shindig, that’d be the best gift of all!


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