Three Hundred Sixty-Five

A year ago today I launched a blog. This blog. It came around after many months contemplating the blogosphere, weeks of agonizing over what I should write about and finally voicing the dream to some dear pals during a girls weekend. Their response: go do it!

I’m a writer and like any craft or skill, it takes practice to improve.

Since I freelance, I get a fair amount of practice but the professional writing I do is mainly journalistic. I have regular projects, where I get to research, interview and write about fascinating people, places and things but what I write for clients involves gathering a lot of other people’s ideas and opinions, not necessarily coming up with my own or in my voice. And though the scientists, curators and staff that I interview and write for are brilliant folks, I’m not writing for myself. I needed a place to ruminate. A place to talk about ordinary things in unique ways. A place to offload thoughts and ideas, memories and musings so fleeting in the mind of a mother with young kids.

So I started this blog.

In 365 days I’ve only published 40 posts and drafted another seven but through this blog I also connected with a terrific group of writers over at World Moms Blog, when founder, Jennifer Burden, read one of my posts and invited me to join them.

I got involved with World Moms Blog pretty quickly and, in addition to being a regular contributor, I also took on an editing role there. Suddenly, my life in the vacuum of motherhood and freelance writing was crossing international boundaries; I was touching and being touched by other like-minded bloggers, readers and moms. So now, a year later, the writing that I started from home, at a desk by myself, has expanded into a panoply of inspiring encounters and motivating supporters.

By stepping off the cliff last September, I went from one writing outlet to three skill-honing arenas: a scientific, cultural and educational outlet that keeps my mind sharp; a worldly forum that tunes my editing skills; and a place for personal musings and random advice.

I may not have a big reader-base (or, who knows, maybe I do…it’s hard to track these things) but I have a place to write about issues and topics that resonate with me and sometimes readers write back. It’s really cool when that happens and I love knowing when something I’ve written causes a reaction worthy enough for comment (many thanks!).

So if my goal for this past year was to launch a blog, mission accomplished. I’ve learned a lot about blogging, met some wonderful bloggers, read some terrific blogs and been energized by the sheer volume of the blogging world.

What do the next 365 days have in store? Who knows, just maybe I’ll find a way to blog more frequently (though that would require finding an outlet for my two-and-a-half-year old that doesn’t start with “mom” and end with “me”).

After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What goals have you set for yourself? How are you reaching them? Leave a comment and share the journey!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slightlywonky
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 08:34:13

    I liked the first edition of the post too! You’ve done SUCH great work with the TWO blogs that you are involved in. Every post is so thoughtful and well written. I wouldn’t think twice about being more “casual” in a post. I suppose a blog can be like an e-zine, where the posts are more “finished”, or it can be more like a journal, where the posts are more casual. Either way is good, and I wonder if you have to be consistent or not?

    I like to have goals (doesn’t everyone?). The only way that I can make any progress on goals is to make a list of what needs to happen in order to reach the goal. Then, I just start to work on the list. If I don’t write stuff down, it doesn’t happen. I think that there is something that helps my brain mobilize when I work though something through writing it out. It’s like recording your brainstorms, instead of just having them and forgetting what you thought of later on!


    • growingmuses
      Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:46:42

      Boy, I can’t tell you how often THAT happens, having a brainstorm and then completely forgetting what it was all about, or thinking of the myriad to-dos I want to accomplish in a few kid-free hours only to completely forget what they are when the hours arrive because I failed to write them down!

      Yes indeed, blogs can either be diaries, journals, works in progress or e-zines. It bewilders me the breadth, depth and sometimes vapidness too. Thanks for being one of my loyal readers this past year…on with our united journeys.


  2. Sarah B
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 22:22:12

    When I read your posts (and I’ve read them all!), I am always struck by how well written they are, and how reflective. I think you have managed to strike a note that is true to you and your voice, while maintaining a level of respect for both your readers AND writing itself.

    So I am sharing with you my goal….I want to figure out WordPress, and to beg it pretty please nicely to stop deleting things I have written when I try to post. Because nothing stymies a young blog like divine technological intervention! Also! My goal is to use draft and revision practices with my writing more often. Which I never do, so more often would be at least once 🙂

    Thank you, Kyla, for sharing your writing with us. I always look forward to it!


    • growingmuses
      Oct 01, 2011 @ 22:16:07

      Sarah, I had NO idea you were a regular reader, what an honor! And welcome to Word Press! What’s you blog link? I’d love to read it, if your posts at all reflect your fabulously witty sense of humor, we’re all in for a treat. It will be so nice to keep up better than we currently do (‘cuz Fb just ain’t cuttin’ it for me these days sistah!) Thanks for sharing your goal and may it be fruitful AND abundant.

      Usually, when I write a post, I start it, mull it over for a few hours, sometimes days; finish it then come back with a fresh set of eyes later in the day or next morning before posting it. I almost ALWAYS make a load of edits when I do that. There’s also a nice feature on the right where it says “Publish” and “immediately” you can actually schedule an article to post a few hours, days or even weeks from the date of writing it. It’s handy.

      Thanks for your kind words and heartfelt feedback. I’d be happy to give you a WP tutorial, I can’t say I’m a wiz but the editing and work I do for World Moms Blog has helped inform me of a lot of tricks and shortcuts.


  3. Heather Kelly
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 10:30:04

    I know what the next 30 or so odd days will include. 😛 🙂 YAY for jumping right in!


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