Tri, If I Can

I just wrapped up a master’s swim class at my local YMCA. I signed up for it because, when I get in the water, I’m euphoric. I feel energized, at peace and almost at home. I’m not claiming to be aquatic but if you know anything about the 7 chakra centers of the body, mine is definitely associated with water.

I signed up for this class somewhat on a whim, partly because a new friend I made, who happens to be into triathlons (along with her very fit husband and their two young, future triathletic boys) encouraged me to sign up too. That should have been my first clue to run fast in the opposite direction but the truth is, secretly (OK, well not now that I’m blogging about it), I’ve wanted to do a sprint triathlon since 2005. More

And So, Summer Begins

Well it’s official, summer’s here. Tuesday was this fabulous, warm, low humidity great start and we spent nearly the whole day at the local pond beach interrupted only for a brief period (during the height of severe sun-exposure) for a mid-day nap.

Having a five-year old with boundless energy and a two-year old that still naps in his bed everyday can be tricky. But this year I was going for balance and I think I may have struck it: that perfect balance between scheduled activities, breaks for mom and completely unplanned time, free to go off on whims and follies to our hearts’ desires

(gracious, it’s only taken five years to get it right)! More

The End of Preschool, for Now

Today was my daughter’s last day of preschool. It was wholly unceremonious and without emotion. In part because the actual “end of year” ceremony happened on Tuesday but because of the ridiculous amount of snow we got up here this winter, today was an optional make-up day filled with bubbles and informal structure.

I thought I’d have a harder time with this end-of-an-era. With my oldest finally passing through her early formative years and on to the school-aged stage. But the truth is, we’re ready!

I’ve found these past five years of early motherhood pretty lonely. As a hopeless extrovert, weekly playgroups, 45-minute music classes, open gyms, monthly parenting lectures and cruising local playgrounds never provided the fixes I sought. More

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