Lay Down your Sweet Head

Aretha’s earned her keep (not like it was costing me anything to begin with, since she was a freebie) but hey, she can stay

I figured, if I got the kids involved, I’d be more accountable for finishing the project. So I took them to the fabric store (see prior post on this one: One too Many) and let them pick out the above choices. The sewing class I signed up for got Aretha and me through the remedial stages of straight-stitch, zig-zag and reverse, yielding the results pictured here. In the process, I also developed a keen understanding for why sewing guilds  developed in the first place: it was fun!

I once attended a Bunco night and I’ve gotta say, my sewing class is a little like that. It’s part serious, part funny, all moms and completely social, we just happen to be learning how to sew instead of rolling dice. I didn’t know any of the other participants going in but gradually, like our projects, we’re piecing together. So much so, in fact, that this blog, which I thought I’d launch quietly, with just a handful of loyal, familiar readers, is now public knowledge to my fellow fashion mates. Three weeks in and I mentioned it enough during class that it’s entirely possible some of them are reading this very post.

So here’s to you, ladies of the Wednesday, Mothers & More sewing crew, thanks for talking me around my first edge; now if only one of you could show me how to wind a bobbin…

Sweet Dreams


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