Sew Long but Not Farewell


Somewhere along the way, I tripped over my Modern-day-free-wheeling-independent-woman persona and fell smack into Domestic Maven. So in keeping with my new role, about a year and a half ago, I expressed an interest in learning how to sew. It was shortly after moving into our first home and I thought it would be a handy skill for hemming curtains–possibly even making some from scratch–and certainly for mending kids’ clothes. I mentioned this idea to my Darling Husband (DH), who sallied forth to find me a respectable and reasonably priced (read: free) machine. Here’s what he found:

She’s a Singer Fashion Mate 360 circa 1978. Note the unique addition of red, model paint speckled gingerly across the front, adding to her already diva personality. She’s also really heavy and, despite her advanced age, still works great. For all of these reasons, I call her Aretha.

Through the benevolence of a sewing-spectacular friend of mine and the quilting group at my church, I did manage to learn how to use Aretha enough to hem several curtains, mend my son’s favorite blankie and make a potholder but beyond that, nothing…UNTIL NOW!

Last night I ventured into the guilded world of sewing by signing up for a class. OK, so we’ll disregard the fact that my inaugural project is making a pillowcase for each of my small charges and instead hope that this is just the beginning of Aretha and my glorious new career. After all, “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.”


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