To Market, to market: grocery shopping with kids

OK, so I once thought I was going to be the kind of mom that would make cardboard caterpillars out of egg cartons and all sorts of other crafty, fun stuff with my kids but alas, it hasn’t turned out that way. In fact, I often go to great lengths NOT to do craft projects with my kids (hey, they’re already tiny tornadoes, who needs to add paint, glitter and glue to the mix?). Instead, I opt for creative “learning excursions” instead. I look at life as a mobile classroom, rarely visiting the same place twice (I don’t recommend this lifestyle to others unless, like me, you have a hard time sitting still). But today, I had a rare stroke of Genius. Two coincidences occured simultaneously and the result was magnificent!

The coincidences were: 1. I needed to go grocery shopping 2. I happened to have a pen and paper in my car.

I’ve read about “professional” moms who make shopping lists for their little charges, complete with pasted on pictures of the items to search for and other fun tricks but who has time for that, I mean REALLY!? What I did have time for was a quick jotting down of a few items my 4 year-old wanted from the fruit, veggie and dairy sections. The result looked like this

I also selected a store that happens to have kid size shopping carts and away we went.  It may not have been a nifty googly-eyed insect but in the end, I think she gained a lot of pretty valuable life lessons: she felt empowered, she was able to read the items on her list and she learned a lot about how to select items from the grocery store, including a carton of eggs. Now all I need to do is figure out what I should do with the leftover cardboard container…


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